Design, style and elegance in modern times, is Lotus Events’ inspiration. There is no event that would be even close to as beautiful or refined without our team.

Lotus events is the driving force behind every event and is supported by a talented team of creatives and logisticians, each with superior attention to detail and a passion for excellence.

We have built a portfolio of services focused in a high-quality decoration, art direction and luxurious finishing touches, that turns each of our projects into a priceless memory for both the guests and the hosts.


Our services

¿What would life be without risks?

“Today, I can say that my best decision was taking a chance because as a result of that Lotus Events came up”. S.P. 

Hi, I’m Silvia Pohl, design and events production expert. I was born in Colombia and worked for 6 years in El Salvador, organizing corporate events for 100 guests to concerts with 8,000 people, and carrying out very demanding private meetings such as an event for the President of El Salvador.

Then I moved back to my native country and worked as a Senior Account Director in an event company for 3 years. My experience and the surprises of life led me to take the risk of creating Lotus Events, a company focused on transforming the ideals of customers into authentic and memorable experiences.